29 Jul 2018

In the ever-growing glory of festival-ing, disco tits (AKA glitter boobs, glitter tits, or my personal favourite – GLOOBS) has been taking the festival scene by storm. What attracted me to the unencumbered jubilance of disco tit-itis, you ask?

1 Mar 2018

After 17 years as creative head and C.E.O of Burberry, the fashion designer steps down with an adventurous last show.

9 Feb 2018

Year after year British dance music festival line-ups strive to showcase the very best talent, but why aren’t there more women in the DJ booth?

17 Jan 2018

I want to share the insider information I have picked up over the years/pointers which have proved useful to ensuring I get those zzz’s, in the hope that it will maybe help someone else suffering from lack of sleep.

9 Jan 2018

Oprah Winfrey's speech was not only one of the highlights of the 2018 Golden Globes - it basically stole the whole damn show.

4 Jan 2018

I don't usually tend to write personal, less informative, posts like this as I feel they can be a tad self-indulgent, but I really wanted to share my aspirations for the new year.

6 Nov 2017

If done well, print can be a visionary space combining the talents of many, or a few, where wonderful ideas can be explored or imagined.

14 Oct 2017

Fashion houses have been using real animal fur to style-up their clothes for over a century, but does fur really have a place in fashion anymore?

16 Sep 2017

Rejection. The word itself just conjures up some rather unpleasant, even painful, connotations BUT I’m here to tell you why rejection can be a good thing!

16 Sep 2017

I thought I would give Colour Freedom’s dyes a shot as my hair was becoming less fabulous and more like a dishevelled troll day by day.

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Hey guys, I'm Emily Owen AKA The Glittery Goose. I'm an MA Magazine Journalism grad, DJ at Bump and Grind, blogger, journalist, glitter goose at The Gypsy Shrine and full-time sparkly Chicken Queen. I like pizza, dogs and rainbows. I feel that that's all there is to know about me. I'm also the Queen of the emus. Emuly if you will. 

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