Festival Frolicking: Love Saves the Day 2017

(Article originally published on Wild Thing)

Mama Doux leotard from Wild Thing

Don’t you just wish that festival season was endless and that you could make them your home? Well, that’s how we feel about Love Saves the Day every single year. Take us back, to frolicking in the sun and dancing to groovy disco. To covering ourselves in so much glitter that it’s somehow still stuck to our skin five days later. Take us back to dressing as magical festival fairies wearing the most shiny, colourful outfits possible. The list doesn’t end there. Festivals are truly a haven of wonderful inclusivity, love and great music and this is why we love them so much.

Love Saves the Day is the perfect representation of a festival that implements a no-judging policy where absolutely ANYTHING goes. We witnessed people dressed as giant glittery hearts, to attendees soaked in glitter. It really is possible that festivals might be the greatest place on earth. Do you ever feel like you’re in an enchanting realm and the outside world just ceases to exist when you’re at a festival? We do and it’s simply wonderful.

Love and fashion saves all

Loonigans leotard from Wild Thing

Bristol is the gift that keeps on giving. From showcasing homegrown talent to the likes of Little Dragon, Kano and Fat Freddy’s Drop, Love Saves the Day had it all. With perfect weather circulating the atmosphere above us, we saw no better reason than to shimmy and strut our stuff until the sun went down. Well, and quite a while afterwards… The Arcadia Afterburner was truly something special. Did anyone see Ricardo Villalobos’s set with Craig Richards? What a man. Or men for that matter…

What we love most about festivals is that anyone and everyone is encouraged to dress as madly as they desire. It’s so great to see people so colourful, sparkly, shimmery and downright outrageous, donning outfits that no one would dare to wear on the street. People are also way nicer at festivals too, it’s the unspoken truth. It’s as if we’re all one big dysfunctional, rainbow family reunited by our love for music, fashion and culture.

Love did truly save the day this year. Again.

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