A weird and whimsical wonder: Blissfields Festival 2017

(Article originally published on Wild Thing)

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In an homage to all things bizarre, Blissfields certainly delivered a festival of fun, fantasy and the fabulous. With an ethos that prides itself on creating fun for all ages, Blissfields states that it is the smallest big festival. Too small to get lost, but big enough to actually enjoy music at different stages and not get sound clashes – don’t you just hate when that happens? Well done guys. The intimacy of the setting made the festival feel so homely and familiar, whilst also providing a glimpse into the unfamiliar and unknown.

Only at Blissfields could you find a stage on a beach, with actual sand, lifeguards and a boat with children dancing to house music at the stage’s feet. Yes, it truly was a bizarre experience, but that’s what made it so great – to see people of all ages really appreciating the music and atmosphere. Let’s not even get started on the food… The melting pot of different cuisines and cultures really contributed to a refreshing and ultimately delicious experience. The pizza? Absolute heaven on earth. I can’t actually remember the name of the pizza stand, but it was tasty enough to have garnered at least three visits from me over the course of the weekend. It’s true what they say. Italians truly do make the best pizza. Mouths are watering just at the thought of it mmm.

With the blazing sun burning up above, it was difficult not to boogie along to some of our favourite acts. With headlining slots from the Cinematic Orchestra and Metronomy, the musical talent was far from sporadic. DJ Luck and MC Neat made a rare appearance, and god did the crowd go wild to a set abundant with old school garage bangers and modern tunes alike.

Outfit from Wild Thing

A musical and cultural haven

But it’s not just the music at the heart of this festival, there are so many other things going on around it. Blissfields is a place that encourages expression of the imagination, cultural exploration and self-discovery. With an amalgamation of headdress workshops, and science talks, Blissfields showcased a mix of all things weird and wonderful. There aren’t many other places that you could find sock wrestling.

As I’ve said before, it’s so fantastic to see people going all out at festivals. Whether that be dressing head to toe in glitter, (why can’t that be acceptable in normal life we ask?), or completely dousing yourself with colourful paint. I really believe that festivals are places where people can sincerely be themselves. I mean, we’re all sparkly mermaid queens at heart, right?

Outfit from Wild Thing

Outfit from Wild Thing

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Outfit from Wild Thing

Outfit from Wild Thing

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