A Forest of Fantasy: Farr Festival 2017

(Article originally published on Wild Thing)

Farr Festival 2017

Outfit from Wild Thing

Two weekends ago, we attended Hertfordshire’s hidden gem, Farr Festival. This growing boutique festival in Bygrave Woods exhibited a massive line-up and ranked high with other leading UK electronic music festivals. One thing that was completely palpable was the enthralling energy and enthusiastic spirit of festival goers. The inclusive attitude adopted by almost each and every single attendee made it such a special experience. It was truly one that we will never forget. So much so, that even the dodgy and erratic sound systems could not mar the communal atmosphere.

Although there was a major problem with sound, the quality of the musical line-up outshone this. Honey Dijon even revolted against the volume levels, but it didn’t stop everyone from having fun. Stellar sets were performed by Floating Points, Omar-S, Detroit Swindle and Booka Shade. During these, revellers finally seemed to get into the groove to try to forget the less than satisfying sound levels.

Farr Festival Skiddle

Picture sourced from Skiddle

A visual and aesthetic delight

The new Factory stage, complete with 52 shipping containers, did not disappoint. The stage homed acts such as Booka Shade, Bonzai and Mungo’s Hi-fi over the duration of the festival. It encased an all-embracing attitude you can only find at festivals where everyone is free to be themselves. On the Saturday night, SG Lewis and Andrew Hill stood in for the King of Scandinavian disco Todd Terje, who was two hours late. Albeit the lateness, he completely redeemed himself with a set suffused with many a synth and relentless enthusiasm.

Farr is visually and aesthetically pleasing, with beautiful and ambient stages hidden in such a picturesque location (The Hidden Palace was our favourite). We do feel that if Farr wants to truly make its mark on the electronic festival musical map, something seriously needs to be addressed with regards to the sound. Thank you Farr for an outstanding weekend, see you next year!

Farr Festival

Image sourced from Stamp the Wax


Farr Festival

Bag from Dolls Kill

Headband from Ciara Monahan and Shorts from Ladyjane Bristol at Wild Thing

Two piece from Day by Day

Hood from Beksie's Boutique, both from Wild Thing

Gems from Glitter Disco Child and The Gypsy Shrine

Earrings from No Basic Bombshell

Farr Festival 2017

Bra from LadyJane Bristol

Earrings by Lorri Hobbs, both from Wild Thing

Gems from the Gypsy Shrine

Glitter from Harp Boutique

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