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So I think I may have ACTUALLY found my favourite semi-permanent coloured hair dye! I’m forever struggling to find a dye that actually lasts and has full coverage. I’ve gone through copious of amounts of different brands aiming to find a colour that I don’t actually have to top up every other week, it can be really annoying. I’ve also taken the professional hairdressing approach, but spending over £100 every single time you go to the salon is pretty depressing, am I right?

I think I’ve truly found my saviour. I recently got sent loads of cool products by Colour Freedom who sell at Superdrug. At first, I was a bit sceptical just because of the sheer amounts of different dyes I’ve used over the past few years that just haven’t lasted at all. It’s fair to say I’ve had my share of disappointments and hair disasters! Haven’t we all? I’ve become quite cautious with my hair now, so I’ve only been taking trips to the hairdressers to sort it out when it’s in a mess. I’ve tried everything from Bleach London, to Directions, to Schwarkopf (never again) and NOTHING ever seems to last more than a week or two. Plus, patchy colour is never a good look. I’ve been relying on my hairdressers, which I’ll admit is amazing and lasts months, but is so expensive to keep up.

Outfit from Wild Thing

Anyway, I thought I would give Colour Freedom’s dyes a shot as my hair was becoming less fabulous and more like a dishevelled troll day by day. I used Mystic Purple on the roots and about as far down as my fringe, and Pink Pizazz on the middle of my hair and diluted with Colour Freedom’s pastelliser for the ends. It’s safe to say, I know a good omen when I see one. I usually manage to get coloured dye all over the bathroom, but this time there wasn’t a speck of colour anywhere. Go me! This was definitely a sign to say that good things were on the horizon.

I followed the instructions and left the colour on for half an hour and once the whole process was finished, I was blown away by the results. I don’t think any shop-bought dye has ever left such a bold, even and vibrant colour on my hair! I definitely recommend. There is such a variety of colours to choose from as well so trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

I first dyed my hair with Colour Freedom about two months ago and I can confirm that the colour has lasted SO well, and still doesn’t need to be topped up yet. 5* from me!

Thank you so much Colour Freedom!

The Glittery Goose x

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