Technic Cosmetics Prism range review

Technic Cosmetics Prism range

The full Prism range

So, I was lucky enough to be sent the new Prism range by Technic Cosmetics a few weeks ago. If you who haven’t heard of Technic Cosmetics before, they’re a super affordable UK make-up brand who offer a large variety of products (the nail varnishes were always a firm favourite of mine!) Technic Cosmetics pride themselves on their affordability while still keeping their quality high. Anyway, when I got offered the opportunity to try out the new Prism range, I obviously jumped at the chance. For those of you who are partial to a bit of shimmer and shine, I seriously recommend.

The Prism range was inspired by all things iridescent and luminous, and it definitely stands out from their other products. As an advocate of a strong glow, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the range out for myself. All the gleaming products arrived in a beautiful iridescent make-up bag, and when I first saw this, I was so excited! The bag is big enough to fit all your favourite make-up in, and another plus is that it’s just so shimmery that it’ll stand out anywhere. Definitely one for the unicorn lovers of the world.

Wearing the Technic highlighters and eyeshadow cream

The prism range also boasts an array of beautiful highlighters and gloss, which will bring out the mermaid diva in you. My favourite of all the range has definitely got to be the rainbow highlighter. This incredible, prismatic baked highlighter ticks all the boxes for me. First of all, the pastel rainbow colours are so lustrous you’ll just want to smother it all over your body. Second of all, the shimmer levels are so high that you may just end up blinding somebody! The same can be said for the cosmic Princess Powders. They come in 4 divine colours and I seriously commend anyone who refrains from shrouding their whole body in shimmer.

Moving on to the Unicorn highlighting cream. Available in two tones, this silky formula will have you gleaming for days. The metallic glow is enough to make you stand out in a crowd AND it’s long lasting! It’s a win-win situation. Just call us radiant Unicorn Queens!

Can I just add that all the products are suitable for vegetarians AND vegans? Well done Technic for creating such a resplendent, eco and animal-friendly range! If you’re thinking of investing (you’d be mad not to), you can purchase any of the range from stockists such as,, and

Has anyone else ever tried Technic?

The Glittery Goose x

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