Why rejection can sometimes be OKAY

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Rejection. The word itself just conjures up some rather unpleasant, even painful, connotations BUT I’m here to tell you why rejection can sometimes be a GOOD thing and as cliché as it sounds, it does ultimately make you a stronger person. It’s a transformative procedure that opens the door to so many different possibilities and outcomes, if you just let yourself overcome and learn from it.

As the human race, we all have an innate desire within us to feel wanted and accepted – but unfortunately life can often be brutal and that’s when rejection plays its part. A lot of us don’t like to hear the word no – in fact rebuttals and rebuffs can be what makes life feel so downright crap. Because of these distressing feelings we associate with rejection, we tend to try and avoid it as much as possible. Let me tell you that is NOT the answer. Embrace rejection, seize it with your arms, your whole body and then CRUSH it. The euphoric awareness you’ll feel inside after realising how rejection has made you a better and stronger person, will spur you on to work hard and reach your goals.

Rejection helps you refocus

If you turn rejection into a positive event, then you can learn how to focus on all the good things that potentially are waiting for you in your near-future. Re-evaluating your mindset is an empowering experience because it not only makes you really think about what you want to achieve, but also it enables you to refocus and learn, instead of drowning in regrets. Embracing the negative emotions means next time you’ll be prepared and probably a bit less terrified, which is always a good thing in my books.

Trust me, I’ve experienced my fair share of rejection and there is a way to get yourself through it, no matter how dejected and rubbish you might feel. In the end, it’s all about brushing yourself off and moving on and as hard as that may be sometimes – you’ll end up feeling much better off for it. We’ve all experienced that time (or times) when you’ve really pushed yourself to secure your dream job and you’ve experienced a knockback. So how do you deal with that? In my mind, I’ve always thought that if it hasn’t happened then it probably wasn’t meant to be. If you look at things from that perspective then you’re more likely to focus on something better, somewhere where you’ll thrive and be happy. That always tends to soften the blow.

Rejection enables personal growth

Another reason why rejection is good for you? It means that you’ll be given an opportunity to better yourself. Through experiencing rejection you can polish up your interview skills, your confidence and you can grow yourself as a person. Rejection has always been a sort of fuel for me, as it’s given me plenty of opportunities to prove people wrong and work harder in nearing my goals and ambitions.

Remember, rejection means there is something much better waiting for you on the horizon! Harry Potter was initially rejected by 12 different publishing houses which just goes to show that rejection can both mean absolutely nothing and something in the way that it can be foreword into a beautiful chapter of your life.

Don’t let rejection ever hold you back because it may be the best thing that could happen to you, just you wait and see. PS never give up on your dreams. They are very important.

The Glittery Goose x


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