Goodbye 2017, hello 2018!

Outfit from the babes at Wild Thing

Hello 2018! Nice to meet you. Wow, what a year 2017 was. I can't believe how quickly it passed by. To be honest, it still feels like August was only five minutes ago! As it's the start of a new year, I've been feeling pensive and reflective and it's quite possibly the most positive I've felt in a while. The past few months have been absolutely hectic, and this is the first down-time I've had to actually articulate my thoughts and feelings with a newly-refreshed mental attitude. I don't usually tend to write personal, less informative, posts like this as I feel they can be a tad self-indulgent, but I really wanted to share my aspirations for the new year. I have MANY goals for the year ahead, and so much to look forward to. I can only hope that by sharing my ambitions and plans for 2018, I can inspire others to do the same and to make as many positive changes to their lifestyles as possible. (Except there will be no change to the amount of pizza I eat. Pizza in my mouth forever pls).

Anyone who knows me, will probably know that I am possibly one of the most disorganised people ever - the level of disorganisation that comes with the territory of having four jobs (yes, four!). I am basically penning this post for the sake of responsibility and with the resolve of becoming more organised (how did you guess?!) in 2018. If it's written in stone, or in my case embedded in cyberspace, then it's something I must achieve! Writing down your goals actually has a profound impact on your determination to achieve said goals. What are you waiting for? Get writing!

Highlights of 2017

Okay, so I'm going to write a quick summary of my highlights of 2017, just so I have something to compare this year to. I achieved more than I ever thought possible over the past year, and it's only now that I'm about to write them down that I've been able to appreciate every single experience! This is in no way intended to be a self-absorbed post, just things I'm so grateful for and I'm sure as hell proud of what I have achieved this year! I'll start with one of the things I'm most grateful for. I got taken on as a blogging intern for the most dazzling, glittering and brilliant festival fashion company, Wild Thing, towards the beginning of the year. To anyone who hasn't heard of Wild Thing; it's run by the most radiant, amazing sisters, Katie and Lauren, who are hands-down two of the most hard-working, down-to-earth people I have ever met. I'm so grateful for the many opportunities that have come with being your intern! I was able to attend different festivals, and met so many inspiring designers and bloggers etc. It really opened up a new world to me – a world that I truly feel I belong in. Thank you so much you guys, I can't wait to see what the year has in store! I realise I'm waffling now, so I'll make the rest quick. I started Djing for Bump 'N' Grind, and am now working with the best bunch of people. I honestly don't know how I managed without you all before! Djing provides me with one of the most exhilarating feelings, and I wouldn't give it up for the world. #ginscene 4ever.

I tried to be quick, but who would have guessed that I just love talking!? Moving on, I started my blogging journey in July when the Glittery Goose was born, and I can't believe how far I've come in such a short amount of time. Who would have thought that people would want to follow such a crazy, pizza and dog-obsessed oddball with a penchant for mismatching outfits? There are certainly more coming your way in 2018! Another highlight for me was starting my new job with one of the brands I have admired for SO long. I jumped at the chance to become part of The Gypsy Shrine, and being part of a company known for its feminist ethos has been so empowering and I'm so glad that I get to share it with some awesome people! PLUS, glitter!! Now I get to be a full-time glitter fairy/fanatic and it's basically the best thing ever.

Photo from shoot with Dreamland clothing

I'm so thankful for the amazing opportunities I had to model for some really talented designers last year, Dreamland, Amy Smith and Loonigans - here's looking at you! You guys are absolutely going to kill it in 2018, and I'm so proud of everything you have achieved! I'm so happy to have met and worked with you and I hope we can again someday in the future! Being a hair model for Slunks at Salon International was also an experience I will never forget. I was also invited to be in Heidi from Confetti Crowd's music video a few months ago. It was located at the Magic Roundabout in Shoreditch and I left feeling so inspired by all the wonderful ladies I met!

To sum up, I made some beautiful memories with some beautiful people in 2017, and I'm so excited for the year ahead.

New year, more food?

So, I did not intend for this to turn into a mammoth essay, but I guess I had more to say than I thought. I understand if this is way too lengthy for you guys, but it was more of an outlet for myself, and something to see in writing about how much I've accomplished and that I do have things to feel positive about! I'll keep my goals for 2018 brief, as I've probably already bored you enough!

I'm aiming to put as much work into my blog as possible! At first, I thought the blogging world was overflowing with inane outfit posts, but I learnt that I could write about anything that was important to me. Being able to write about significant issues means that I have a platform to try and make positive changes in the world and writing and being creative, for me, is paramount to maintaining any morsel of happiness. Along with ALL THE CLOTHES IN THE WORLD. I'm going to try to reign in my spending habits this year, but with all the pretty clothes that exist, it's going to be quite the challenge (and probably won't happen hehe). Saying that, I do need to start saving. One of my dreams, as is many others, is to travel! There are so many beautiful things I haven't seen, things I haven't experienced and I just want to do out there and do as many things as possible. I'm hoping to visit Asia to see my bestie at the end of this year, and you know what they say – experiences are worth more than any material objects... and out come the clichés.

Another cliché resolution being that I want to start eating healthier. I'm already quite a healthy person, and I try to go to the gym four times a week. BUT, I am a huge sweet aficionado. I just LOVE sweets. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to sugar. One of my main goals is to try and cut down on sugar because it's awfully bad you for. I've noticed I become sluggish when I overload on sugar (obviously), and it's gonna be hard because sugar is so tasty, but I am determined to improve my health this year. If anyone sees me reaching for a sweet or two, just give me a good ol' slap. I'm also taking a stab at Veggie January. Not that I eat much meat anyway, and I have cut out beef and pork completely, but only eating chicken twice a week wasn't cutting it for me. I love animals, and I believe those can't speak for themselves deserve a chance in life. I want to become more eco-conscious and do my bit for the environment. Anyone who gets the opportunity to try it should, as veggie life is actually easier than you think, and not to mention delicious! Broccoli all day, every day. Fried broccoli in garlic is a godsend. Try it, your taste-buds will thank me.

Backyard Cinema, AKA the best shooting location ever??

Better choices = better life

This is a big one for me, some of you may laugh or think I'm being ego-centric, but in 2018 I have decided to learn to love myself. Living a life at war with yourself is beyond difficult, and not to mention futile. You're the only person you have throughout the whole of your life so why not take advantage of that and cherish it. I'm not saying it's going to be easy, as there are quite a few problems I need to overcome that I'm not ready to talk about yet, but it'll be worth it. Imagine a life where you don't feel threatened by others, a life where you don't have to live up to society's standards, a life of subverting stereotypes thrust upon us, and most importantly a life where you are truly happy with yourself. Doesn't that sound great? Learning to accept yourself for who you are will probably be the best decision you'll ever make, and my decision to do this starts now! In order to do this, I need to start slowing down and actually listening to my body. I'm one of those GO, GO, GO types and because of this I never allow myself any time to just relax. This is something I want to change!

Wow, okay so I wasn't expecting to basically compose an essay! I was going to say sorry, but apologising for being myself is something I'm leaving behind in 2017. I do talk a LOT, so that many be something you guys will have to put up with hehe.

I'm really interested in hearing all of your hopes and aspirations for 2018, please don't be afraid to message me or email! Feel free to leave any comments too, I'll happily reply! If you've made it this far, thank you for taking the time to sift through my incoherent ramblings, and I truly hope you all have the most amazing 2018. I'm sure whatever you do, you'll smash it.

Love you all,

The Glittery Goose x

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