Tips to get a good night’s sleep from a chronic insomniac

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As a self-diagnosed insomniac who only gets about 2 good night’s sleep a week, I probably won’t have the best authoritative knowledge on this subject. I want to share the insider information I have picked up over the years/pointers which have proved useful to ensuring I get those zzz’s, in the hope that it will maybe help someone else suffering from lack of sleep.

I’m not one of those (lucky) people who can sleep for eight to nine hours at a time, instead I’m fortunate to get about two or three hours sleep a night. Oh, the woes of having such an active imagination! I won’t go into it, but I often experience hypnagogic hallucinations when trying to sleep. Basically, that means I see downright unpleasant, creepy things in my room (sometimes dead people or HUNDREDS of cats) which can sometimes prove to be absolutely terrifying, but that’s a story for another time!

There’s nothing worse than feeling the mental and physical effects of tiredness. No, there isn’t any fun about feeling like part of a spooky clan of undead ghouls. No sir. Trying and failing to descend into dreamland can also be an absolute nightmare, and if anything is just plain frustrating. Follow these steps and you’ll (hopefully) be on your way to becoming a sleep-time guru. Just call me the Queen of Dreams.

1. *Try* to go to sleep at the same time every day

This may be hypocritical for me to proclaim, as I am partial to a good evening binge of Gossip Girl, BUT consistency is key here. If you can trick your body into feeling sleepy at a similar time each night, then falling asleep easily will eventually come naturally.

2. Become a bookworm

Not the slippery, slimy kind, but the bookish, papery kind of worm. I may be slightly biased as an English Literature graduate and a writer, but books are certainly the way forward. Exercising your imagination is almost as good as physical exercise, without all the sweating and uncomfortable chafing. Put on your metaphorical Spanx and get yourself on down to your very own, personal brain gym. Counting sheep will become a thing of the past! I can tell you there's certainly no shortage of them in Wales.

Gif created by @mollspider

3. Switch off those screens!

If you’re anything like me – glued to your phone, then you’ll be experienced in night-time Instagram feed-stalking or bouts of online shopping in bed. This is bad, bad, bad! Light from TV and phone screens suppresses melatonin, essential in securing sleep, and actually ends up stimulating the brain, rather than having a relaxing effect.

4. Keep a notebook beside your bed (to unscramble your head)

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Most nights I have a flurry of unwelcomed thoughts traversing my sleepy mind, and the best thing to do for this is to figuratively pour them out onto paper. Even doodles of pigeons. Just get them out. Night-time is when I’m at my most creative and I find it hard to shut off when my mind is buzzing with inspiration.

5. Get in the tub

There are so many words to describe baths – relaxing, invigorating and serene are just some of them. All the greatest adjectives, as baths are just the tremendous inventions ever. All you need to do is add ALL of the bubbles, a Lush bath bomb or two and you’re good to go. Just make sure you don’t fall asleep!

6. Try some breathing exercises/yoga

The mother of relaxion techniques, breathing exercises work to de-stress and unload all that emotion from your hard days of work. You can learn loads of different techniques all with a simple Google, and trust me they ACTUALLY work! There are also a few yoga poses which can aid in restfulness and send you off to dreamland! At last!

Has anyone got any more tips? (Preferably that don’t involve sleeping pills).

The Glittery Goose x

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