Christopher Bailey takes final bow for Burberry in LFW’s LGBTQ collection

After 17 years as creative head and C.E.O of Burberry, the fashion designer steps down with an adventurous last show.

Is there a more fitting collection made by the man who reinvented fashion label Burberry, than a rainbow-hued celebration of LGBTQ culture? After an innovative 17-year stint at the helm as creative director of the fashion brand, Christopher Bailey is bowing out after almost single-handedly recreating and reviving Burberry as a global fashion force to be reckoned with.

Christopher Bailey wowed the London Fashion Week crowd in true quintessential British style, with a career-reflecting assemblage which evoked both positivity and optimism for what the future holds in store for the British brand.

"There has never been a more important time to say that in our diversity lies our strength and our creativity," Bailey said.

Image from Elle

The fashion show, fully equipped with lasers, performance art and the like, opened with activist and model Adwoa Aboah - who was then joined by an array of other models as they paraded down the catwalk through a huge rainbow spectrum. The idea behind the LGBTQ-inspired spectacle was to promote tolerance, diversity and inclusivity in a world of political and social chaos. The predominant message was one of unity, a very important farewell message Bailey chose to bestow upon the future of Burberry in his stead. The classic and famed Burberry check became intertwined with a rainbow-tinted ode to the LGBTQ community, as Bailey merged vintage Burberry pieces, such as trench coats and Harrington jackets, with graffiti-laden prints, oversized bombers and shell suits.

The main attraction simply had to be Cara Delevingne strutting down the runway adorned in a huge, oversized rainbow cape, which was lined with Burberry’s signature check, flowing behind her like a giant flag. The mammoth 85-look collection has been deemed as Bailey’s most creative and exciting yet – the ultimate swan song for a brand he put 17 years of his life and soul into.

Image from Getty Images

So on a more negative note, unfortunately where Burberry thrives in one area, it falls short in another. The fashion brand has repeatedly been targeted by animal rights activists for utilising fur in its runway collections. Attendees entered the show to heckles and chants from anti-fur and animal rights activists – and rightly so. Burberry needs to look to other high fashion brands and follow suit. Fur has no place in fashion. Although protests are a good thing and challenging views and encouraging conversations need to happen, there is no need for aggressiveness. As you’ll see on my Instagram, I was badgered by these activists for wearing faux fur – I even tried to explain it was fake but was met with shouting in my face and sirens and jeering. Anyway, I totally agree with their cause, but you cannot just assume someone’s background or their stance on the fur industry – or any situation at all.

I’m all for positive change within the industry – there’s still a long way to go, but this change will not come about from intimidation and hostility. Let’s all work together and be the change we want to see!

(I realise I’m a bit late to the party – I did write this post last week, but forgot to actually post it!)

The Glittery Goose x

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