Don't touch my Gloobs!

In the ever-growing glory of festival-ing, disco tits (AKA glitter boobs, glitter tits, or my personal favourite – GLOOBS) has been taking the festival scene by storm.

Outfit from Wild Thing

What attracted me to the unencumbered jubilance of disco tit-itis, you ask? Well the pure, and unadulterated sense of liberation (mostly freedom from boob jail, AKA the dreaded bra), of course! A pair of bedazzled breasticles is a sure-fire way to instant outfit gratification and trust me, you will look fucking fabulous. As a self-confessed disco tits aficionado, I’m often told by many that I need to expect creepy and vulgar behaviour from men. EXPECT IT!!! Why should I expect it? I must admit, every time I hear that from people, especially women, I practically choke on my tea and honestly, I just want to hit myself in the face. We should NOT have to expect such awful, disgusting and downright degrading behaviour.

So, the dreaded scenario started with me feeling liberated and unrestrained at a festival and all that jazz, when a group of young men sauntered over to my friend and me. With a demeaning sneer and smirk, he laughed and asked, ‘Can I touch your boobs?’ Me, shocked and aghast: ‘No, why on earth would I let you do that?’ Dumb-witted imbecile: ‘Cus you’ve got them out?’ First of all, my body is not to be touched, A - by you, B - anyone else unless I’ve given them specific permission. Second of all, just because you half-asked for half-baked and meaningless ‘permission’ does not make this a polite request! It’s the provocation and sense of entitlement behind the request that makes it rude, invasive and outright problematic. It’s the fact that this man was seeking validation from him chums - a pat on the back and a high five or two. Too many times have men felt entitled and assumed that women’s bodies/body parts are there for the taking. Here’s a heads up: we don’t like to be ogled, touched, groped, sexualised or oppressed. I would also like to add being talked over, while I’m in the list-making habit!

Glitter and gems courtesy of The Gypsy Shrine

Why can’t these men be taught that women’s bodies don’t exist to be gawked at, fawned over or man-handled in any debasing form or manner. Perhaps, just perhaps, we are using our bodies as vessels and beacons of expression, for OURSELVES. Wow, could you ever believe such a thing?! Women doing things for themselves?! I’m aware of the verbose capitalisation, but I’m still completely shocked as to how in 2018, some men are still acting like complete pieces of rancid and foul shit. Now, this argument and rant is not without warrant, as I, like many others, have been subject to a bit of objectification here and there (almost every fucking day). Come on guys, are you THAT clueless about sexual harassment? Oh, and exercising our rights not to be touched does not equal over-exaggeration. I cannot stress enough that if a male response to a woman exercising such desires, is that the woman is ‘overreacting’, it ‘isn’t a big deal’ and we need to ‘get over ourselves,’ then society and its cultural norms are seriously, seriously defective.

I would just like to reinforce the message – just because you asked does NOT mean it’s okay! 2018 has been the year for women’s rights advocacy and speaking up against abusers. I want to keep this discourse going, even though a few people were telling me to accept the fact that this man ‘asked politely’ for my permission. I want to readdress AGAIN, that that wasn’t the point I was trying to convey. The fact is, that it shouldn’t have even crossed his mind to come over to me and ask to touch me inappropriately, as it should never cross the mind of any man in that situation. Women should be free to dress as they wish, without worrying about disgusting men gawking at their body parts. Yes, we live in a world that is dominated by the patriarchy, BUT we must always continue to fight and dismantle such a dreadful and harrowing system. We do NOT exist purely for male sexual gratification.

Just a pic of me and my 'gloobs'

I’m also very aware of my privilege as a white person, and that this will always be ten times worse for black women, and other women across the under-privileged spectrum. I just want to let you all know I hear you and your struggles with men. I want to use this privilege to speak up for those who are CONSTANTLY silenced and are worse off than myself!

So, here’s an idea on how to start treating women better; don’t touch women you do or do not know, and maybe it’s time to really ask yourself WHY you feel the need to go around touching random women’s breasts/bodies? Misogyny isn’t cool. The key word here is ‘respect’ guys. Respect not only just the women around you, but everyone else too. We’ll all be having a much more pleasant time when respect is taught AND exercised across the globe.

What are your thoughts? You can message me on here, or via Instagram <3

The Glittery Goose x

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